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About Us

The American School of Paris Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 1997. All contributions to the American School of Paris Foundation (ASPF) are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the US law and are considered unrestricted funds that will be used to support the mission of the Foundation. 

The ASPF Board of Directors is responsible for financial oversight including all grants and donations. ASPF engages International School Services (ISS) to provide accounting, administrative and board management services including issuance of US tax receipts to ASPF donors. ISS works hand in hand with the ASPF board and ensures nonprofit compliance.


Board of Directors

Past Directors

Kathy Adams

David Blandford

Donald Billingsley, ex-officio

Lynn Duke

John Guse, ex-officio

Ralph Jahr, ex-officio

Kathryn Johnson

Robert Keane

Amy Kimtis

Debra Malloy

Mark Ulfers, ex-officio

Current Directors

Lis Seeley, President

Lois Fink, Vice President

Marisa DiBenigno, Treasurer

Kira-Laura Ferrand, Secretary

Jeanne Hanover

John Healey

Heather Keane

Hege Nolop

Carol Olsen

Deborah Tancredi

Deirdre Simon, ISS, ex-officio

Jane Thompson, ex-offico

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